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Young new beginner trying to start out but seems impossible

I live in upstate New York (almost all my life) and will be 21 in April. I've always liked guns but figured I probably wouldn't be able to get them without spending tons of money on fees and going through hassles (I guess the state succeeded in discouraging me from my rights) but I decided, you know what I'm going to try even though I'll probably get a neutered version of the gun I want.

So I was planning on attempting to get my pistol permit in April and going for a glock 19 HOWEVER, N.Y. thinks disarming people who obey laws saves lives somehow and is trying to pass a horrible law forcing everybody who had magazines more than seven rounds to get rid of them amongst other horrible laws such as tracking ammo and informing police if you "buy too much". They also wanted to make it so you can only have two clips per gun.... anyway with how stupid my state is, I'm sure these useless laws will pass.....

So I thought oh I'll get a revolver (if I get my permit) until I can move out of this horrid state (legally, the geography of beautiful) but once again I'm not sure due to opposition.

Besides that fact I have to wait until April, take a class (whenever that's available) get the paper work which costs 350 bucks and get finger printed another 100, get four references and the whole process takes six to nine months if you're lucky. I'd also have to meet with a judge and talk with them about why I want to be a free citizen and take responsibility of my life for myself and not be dependent on the state (imagine that), to exercise my rights.

So I was looking at revolvers (because of the mag limit) and my heart was set on the colt python (like a fool) only to find out it's discontinued and will cost me easily 2000-3000 including N.Y.fees. So basically I can't ever have anything I want, not one thing. nothing's simple. So now I'm discouraged, disgusted, disheartened, I don't know what to even do. I don't want a seven round glock that's less than half it's capacity.

I don't mean to offend anyone but I really don't want taurus or ruger revolvers. As for s&w, the lock ruins the look and I hate the fact I have a gun that's been emasculated and ejaculated on by dictators. So for a pre lock it's going to cost a lot of money (which is why I'm not getting a python...) So my options basically suck (for me) unless I compromise on looks, or standards, or give up all my money. Hot, Damn....suggestions?
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