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My Walmart Ammo Experience

I hadn't stopped into my local Walmart since the buying hysteria started.
Since they sell my wife's favorite coffee cheaper than anybody else, I went there last night. Picked up the coffee, then strolled over to the ammo case.
It was mostly empty. No 22lr at all, just 22wmr in three varieties. All the common pistol calibers were gone except two boxes each of 40 S&W and 357 mag.
There was a large stack of 30.06 180gn PSP, and a few random other rifle calibers.
They did have a lot of 12ga slugs...15rd boxes of Winchester, and 5rd boxes of Federal TruBall.
Since I have been loading up on shotgun ammo lately, I was glad to see it.
Now, to find someone with a key to the case.
That took about a 20 minutes.
The guy who helped was friendly. There was a sign on the case saying "limited to three boxes per customer per day".
While I was pulling my three boxes out, a guy asked the worker if there was any 38spl...the poor sap. Of course not.
Since the employe was not a register person, he had to walk me, my ammo, and my coffee to the front to ring out. I told him that when I was young, firearms and ammo were right out on the aisle, unlocked, and unsupervised. He laughed and said people would steel them now...and that this Walmart, in a nice Cleveland suburb had over a million dollars in losses last year!!!
So, I got my slugs. It took some effort, but I got them for a little less than I was going to order online for, and with no shipping.
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