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Pelican cases are great and if you want to use it in combo with a RucPac. However you've spend time in the bush and ask yourself if I take everything out of my Pelican case is it large enough to hold all the gear I'd need to survive a week or two where you have hiked and camped before? To me it is all about weight savings and Pelican cases aren't lightweight IMO. Hight heat and humidity does tend to destroy fabric faster than anywhere else, but even your RucPac has nylon webbing that will eventually rot away.

I like this waterproof bag for rainy areas and they have worked well in South East Alaska, but I'm not packing it much as it usually rides in the boat. I like to use these dry bags inside of my regular frame pack ruck which works much better than the other bag I linked to for long trek's through the back country. I do have a ruck frame with a shelf that I usually use while hunting for hauling game off the mountain and I have strapped the first pack on to it as well if I've needed it to hike long distances.

The thing I like as well about fabric rucksacks is that they are a lot quieter. Especially when hunting and I might be moving through some thick woods, when branches drag against it it doesn't sound quite so loud IMO as the branches hitting the stock of my synthetic rifles. Nor when you set it down among rocks and thick brush, and quieter is always better for me at least.

Originally Posted by JeanClaudeSegal
The kit was made to easily transport my sbr from my home to the lease or for traveling to the shooting ranges..
Which is what it is best suited for as I said in my first post. I'm sure it is much easier to transport than my SKB four rifle case, however I usually take at least two rifles to the range when I go besides all my other gear and ammo which fits inside of it nicely. However in the end you'll have to decide if the Pelican case will really fit your needs and until you use it in the field on one of your trips you'll never know for sure.
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