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CZ 452 Ultra Lux tops Marlin 39A

I owned my CZ before I bought the Marlin. I can shoot consistent 1 inch groups with the CZ at 50 yards.

I bought a new 39A with a 2011 manufacture date. Using the same brand and model scope as on the CZ, the Marlin couldn't group better than 1.5 inches, and rarely better than 2 inches.

More important, the 39A was plagued with very frequent fail-to-fire, fail-to-extract problems. Marlin had the 39A twice for warranty repair with no improvement in performance. They then sent me a brand new replacement 39A with no better results than the original. Ultimately, I convinced them to buy back the 39A. The process took 4.5 months from the first report of the problem to the refund.

I just bought a Henry Golden Boy and am waiting for the scope mount so that I can shoot it at 50 yards. I have already shot it at 25 yards indoors with the iron sights with pleasing, if not stellar results. No malfunctions.

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