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This is based on the fact that you aren't experiencing sticky bolt lift .
I don't understand where anyone got the idea that he wasn't experiencing sticky bolt lift. He never said either way that I can see and in the video he never got the bolt to close on the fired casing which doesn't really indicate whether he had a bolt lift problem or not. It appears just like excess pressure to me although you can't really see any signs of it from the pictures. I had a few reloads that the bolt didn't want to close on and upon inspection realized that the primers were not fully seated. This would be the same thing if the primers were pushed back upon firing but again, you can't really tell from the pictures. Personally, I would rule out an ammo problem first by trying some standard off the shelf brand ammo like Remington or Winchester and if the problem still persists, contact Remington or find a competent gunsmith.
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