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Gun shows are often the "Gong Shows" of the firearms market. Once in a while you find some new, attractive long guns, but most are slow-sellers that gun shop owners want to move.

Being a part-time gunsmith, I often recognize easily fixable guns that are really good buys, but more often than not, its disappointing to go.

A gun show in Augusta, ME this month was over-attended. The line snaked through the lobby, out the door to the driveway and down the road. There were vehicles full of guys who didn't want to brave the bitter cold for so long, just waiting for the line to shorten. My buddy and I went to a nearby Dunkin' to have a coffee and wait for the line to shorten for about an hour, but it wasn't short enough, so we went home. I went back about 3 pm and there was no line. I sold two .22LR rifles to dealers in about 20 minutes, walked around for a bit, then left. I can just imagine how crowded it was inside for the first 5 hours.

Last year, at the same show, I bought a slightly-used S&W 642 Airweight with a loose cylinder latch that I fixed, along with doing a trigger job. It's my nicest carry gun now. I think it was a bargain at $340.
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