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But the show in Norfolk ....

.....Was a little better.

It snowed about two to three inches and in SE VA that keeps a lot of folks indoors.

So the line to get into the show was only about 150 people.

NRA was there offering annual memberships or renewals for 25.00 plus a free ticket to the show.

I got there when the show opened and they still had some of the things I felt like I needed.

Got the last bag of .45 Long Colt brass. It was at online prices but I saved shipping.

Also bought some .357 reloads at 16.00 per fifty.

Bought some bullet boxes and some bore brushes.

Several tables were set up but empty implying to me that the snow caused problems for vendors as it did for shooters.

One of the two primary ammo dealers was there (Thats were I spent my allowance.)

I will continue to attend all the shows that are close to me. But I have learned not to expect much. I'll be glad when the anti-gun legislative process has ended and people get calmed down.

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