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The folks quoting poll numbers do not get it.They are ignorant or intentionally practicing fraud and deception.The poll response is manipulated by those who craft the questions.Does that need explanation?

The Constitution defines SOME,but not all,of my INDIVIDUAL UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.

I do not give a rats hiney what anyones poll or opinion says otherwise,the 2nd Ammendment says what it says and not you or anyone else has the right to bargain my Constitutionally defined Liberty away.
Its not yours to give away.Its mine,and God,not the government gave it to me.

Democracy(including polls)is a lynch mob.If 92% of the folks asked say you should be lynched,how does that work for you?.You going to shrug and stick your neck out?Compromise?

No.We have a Constitution.It defines your Rights,too.

Once again,the 2nd Ammendment says what it says.

Each and every lawmaker attacking it is violating an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.They SHOULD pay the consequenses.

There IS a path to change the 2nd Ammendment.It takes 2/3 the House,2/3 the Senate and 3/4 the States to ratify.Until then,"Shall not be infringed" is what the law says.

You leave MY Constitutional Rights alone.They are not yours to touch.

Even the proponents of this barn carpet acknowledge it will be ineffective.

"Never let a crisis go to waste" Heard that?All this is cold blooded manipulation of the deaths of those kids and teachers.It is to advance an agenda.The agenda includes,among other things,disarming us.Incrementally.

Some of you people truly disgust me.

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