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Some time ago...

....I bought a set of "Task Force" screw drivers at Home Depot.

This is a set with a handle (non-ratcheting, just a socket handle) and interchangeable bits.

Please understand, I don't like interchangeable bit screwdrivers for working on my firearms.

I bought them to test the quality of the bits and the way they fit the screws. They are hollow ground, so they fit the bill in that way.

There are four sizes of flat blade screw driver bits in the set. plus a bunch of stuff that isn't needed for gunsmithing. The set was right at ten bucks.

Then I made four handles made up of a steel shank and an oak grip. I pressed a bit into each handle and then covered the part of the shank that might come into contact with some part of the firearm with some heat shrink tubing.

What I found is that the quality of those bits is very high. They fit perfectly. They are tough as nails. Well actually a lot tougher.

I have never used a driver from the expensive sets (ala Brownells) they sell
online at 11.00 per driver. So I can't compare my set to those. But I can tell you that my set has never failed me in the light home gunsmithing I do.

You might do yourself this favor though. When you get a firearm that is new to you, loosen the screws right away. Then lube them and retighten them as needed. Your Chapman set with the ratchet handle will help with the stubborn screws.

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