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true story

I saw a friend hand another friend(all of us were drunk and either teenagers or in our early twenties) a shotgun which was pointed at him. idiot. friend now holding shotgun said the first thing my father ever taught me about guns was to never point it at someone. he changed the direction of the firearm as he said this and other friend walked backwards after delivering the lethal weapon. he then was looking at the trigger and thinking for whatever reason it wasn't cocked(it was) and touched the trigger & blew a hole thru a sliding glass door, thru the porch and railing, and into a tree(it was a slug).

I will note that the shooter had very little experience about guns(if any...he later has always said that was the first time he shot any weapon except a BB gun once in middle school)), and the one who handed over his grandpa's shotgun at the summer house is now an LEO in FL and always had an obsession w/firearms. He owned some grenades too. Lastly, we had no knowledge that this individual was going to walk into the living room w/his grandfather's grenades and shotgun or that he had access to any weapons.

oh well I am glad my buddy's father taught him some firearm rules and that sometimes stupid kids get lucky(or protected by angels).
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