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still a good thread from the last time I was here

my "uncle" is a retired NY state trooper and decorated WWII Veteran. The guy has never smoked and he doesn't drink(OK, it really doesn't matter). the point is he is of sound mind and judgement, old-school(from a time way before me), and he doesn't cut corners on safety.

for whatever it is worth:
he claims the kids KNEW to never touch his service weapon


there are others too who believe in locking up firearms, but if they leave the house(locked and empty) might just leave the firearm out until they get back. I can't blame a person if their house is robbed. He might down some rum and die too; it's the perp's fault. I recommend knowing the serial numbers so you can report said weapon stolen asap.

I have never done this and I might be wrong, but forget about cars....I heard of at least one case where someone would leave a firearm on the backporch. Personally I would disagree w/this but I am not sure if it is legal or not? I know the consensus from anti states is inbred guns should be locked up. Most think it is a law and just common sense. When I talk to my buddies from where I grew up they all assume it is a law and responsibility to lock guns up. The truth is these laws are a minority. I choose to do so myself and do agree with the notion that "something is better than nothing". at least this way it isn't an accidental or negligent discharge...someone actually had to conive or resort to out right theivery to steal a small safe and open it later(only one example)
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