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Scorch,I've never done exactly this job.Would you expect the reamer pilot would be long enough to find the bore to ride on?

Does it seem like a good idea to just start the reamer in without the pilot finding a hole to ride on?

Seems like,maybe,to do it right you might have to pull the barrel out,and indicate both ends running true to a pin gage in the bore.

I suppose then a guy could use a boring bar to just take enough out let the reamer enter far enough to engage the pilot in the bore.

That way the chamber would end up concentric to the bore,huh?

I was thinking starting it in unpiloted might let it walk off a bit,then when the pilot did find the bore..well it might mangle the lands,or commence to wobbling and dig a flute in the side of the chamber and bust the reamer...

But,I don't know for sure,because I never did just that job could take more than two hours ...maybe.

Do you think so?
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