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original vs New Vaquero

From what I understand, the New Vaquero is a somewhat better gun than the original Vaquero. I've examined them in the store and they do indeed seem very nice. But I've never shot one. On the other hand, I have owned the original in 45 Colt for about 14 years now and have burned up at least several pounds of powder in it. It's very strong and built to last. I reamed the cylinder throats and accuracy improved somewhat. It's stainless so it doesn't rust. I filed and slightly modified the front sight for better visibilty and to correct point of aim. It's a woods gun that thrives on neglect. I sleep on the ground with it in bear country. Because it has a companion rifle in the same caliber, it needs to be able to take the higher pressure loads like the rifle. So, it works for me and I prefer it over the New Vaquero. If I was looking to get a 357, I would definitely be looking at a New Vaquero.
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