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Good Price For An SKS?

So I was at a gun show in Albany today, looking for a Mossberg 500 12 gauge with a wood stock, which I guess is the "all-purpose" model. Never found it.

Anyway, I'd also been considering an SKS, because of the whole (un)S.A.F.E. Act that was passed here. Is seemed like one of the few things with decent firepower that was legal, had a 10 round mag (grandfathered) and couldn't be classified as an "assault weapon". So I seen this Chinese SKS with a 16 inch barrel. I think the actual length was 16 1/2, and the bayonet ground off. Nice wood. Now that I'm researching it, apparently it's a paratrooper model. price was $375. I've been looking on Google and it seems like a lot of paratroopers don't have the bayonet still attached for some strange reason.

I was going to buy it, but after seeing the missing bayonet, I wasn't "feeling" it so much. I kind of wanted it in original configuration... Looking back, the price probably wasn't that bad for the "current times". As we were driving home, I was looking around gunbroker on my phone and seen what I assume to have been a Type 56 (because of the Triangle with Chinese characters on the side?) with gorgeous wood, maybe one ding on the whole gun. The gun was probably about 95% shape... Person won it for $440. I could've won it for $450, but talked myself out of it because out the door with shipping and transfer, the thing would've costed me $520 + ammo, and probably would've grabbed plenty.

Should I have wen't for this rifle? Or should I not beat myself up over it? I'm also seeing Yugos go for upwards of $550, mostly at $600. If the Chinese models are going for $450, I can't imagine what a Russian would go for, if you could find one...

What do you guys think? If I could get a nice Chinese SKS out the door for about $500, would you jump on it, given the current situation as well as the situation in NY? I know these SKS are not nearly as plentiful as Mosins, so they seem to be going up and I think people will be holding onto them?
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