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Scope selection really depends on what you plan to use the rifle for but the one common theme should be quality and you're not going to buy a decent scope for less than $100. I have Weaver and Nikon 3-9x rimfire scopes on my hunting 22s and 6-24x42 and 24x40 scopes on my target 22s so magnification is all about what you plan to do with the rifle. For hunting and plinking a Weaver RV4 4x28 or RV7 2.5-7x28 is plenty of scope for most people and are well made scopes with very good optical quality that are built to last a lifetime. Quality matters when it comes to scopes and nothing is more frustrating than a cheap scope that shifts zero or breaks when you need it and it is no more economical to buy and replace a cheap scope 2-3 times than it is to buy a good scope once.

Gamo scopes are airgun scopes which is better than it sounds because airguns are hard on scopes and to survive they have to be fairly rugged. On the other hand I haven't looked through one and so can't say how good it is optically, for $65 I'd guess marginal. FYI you'll want to avoid centerfire scopes unless they have some form of parallax adjustment like an adjustable objective (AO) or side focus. Rimfire scopes are set to be parallax free at 50 or 60yds while centerfire scopes are set for 100 or 120yds.

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