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Originally Posted by buck460XVR
Iffin it were me, I use the $500 to cover the deductible and replace the firearm with the insurance monies. I assume the owner is a NRA member and has at least the minimal free coverage on his weapons, plus homeowners insurance. Most folks I know that get their stolen firearms back do not get them back in the condition they were taken. While I feel for the owner, I guess I don't understand leaving a $2000 firearm unattended in a vehicle without having it secured by some other means than just door locks. He did have his doors locked at least, yes? Let's just hope the gun doesn't end up in an evidence locker after a homicide.
Ok...let me reiterate what I thought I had already explained.

1) The person who had this stolen is not a friend.

2) I am just helping a fellow Nebraskan/NFOA member spread the word about a stolen gun.

3) I have no details other than it was in a car, it was stolen, and he is offering a reward.

4) This was not intended as a rhetorical post.

5) I appreciate everyone looking at the post.

6) If anyone has any information regarding this firearm, please refer to the information in post #1.

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