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I shoot pocket revolvers a lot, so, I was excited to purchase an LCR last year to try it out.

The trigger seemed nice in the store, but was somewhat problematic for me on the range, because of the very long reset. There's a point where you bring your trigger finger forward and hear an audible click and think the trigger has reset, but it hasn't. Instead, the trigger must travel almost all the way out in order to reset.

Bottom line, in rapid fire, I tended to short stroke the LCR. I shot it side by side with my J-frame Smith, which does have a heavier trigger, but a shorter, more positive reset. I've never short stroked my J-frame, so I was alarmed. I could train around the issue with the Ruger, but since it's a non-issue for me with the Smith, I decide to sell the LCR.

Recoil was somewhat heavier in the Ruger, too, probably because of the lighter frame. I also found the LCR to be a lot bulkier than the J-frame, which can matter for pocket carry. I also had some trouble with sticky extraction on the LCR compared to the j-frame, but that was probably ammo related.

That said, I took a few new shooters to the range last week and they had a hard time pulling the trigger on my Smith. The LCR would probably have been a much better choice for them.

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