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Once and for all, it is a poor comparison. We don't have a renewable license good for five years that shows we passed a background check. The closest thing is a security clearance for gov't employees.
Speak for yourself. We have that in Nebraska, and I like it. The NRA tried to trade getting reid of it for an institution of a de facto AWB, but grass roots efforsts killed it in the nick of time.

For a long time, MO had a law that required individuals to obtain a 'permit to purchase' (from the high sheriff) any handgun, regardless of whether it was being purchased from a dealer or individual.

It was soundly ignored by folks who knew each other, knew the other guy wasn't a nut/robber/doper, etc. The law existed for decades and I saw exactly two people prosecuted for violating it. Both were suspects in homicides.
Ours is similar..... though it was not required for private sales, most still ask to see one, and a picture ID ... I do.

It's shall issue and provides everyone buying a handgun with an "I'm not a felon card." Our CHP works, as well.

I'm okay with universal checks, I live in Illinois and the FOID card doesn't suck that bad.
So you admit that it sucks (just not that bad!) and are advocating that the rest us should embrace the the suck that you do?

"Do it to Julia!"

A big part of the problem in this thread is a very mistaken assumption from some that everyone who wants background checks is an anti. -Alabama Shooter
Are you familiar with Lawdog's Cake Anology?

What you are doing, in effect, is standing there while the Anti's have 3/4 of our cake, wailing for more, and telling me, "Just give them a slice..... you still have some cake."


Not only no, but I want some of that cake they have defrauded me out of, under the bad faith "compromises" of the past.

I don't know if youare a "mole", AS, but you are certainly not helping our side to keep our cake!

If you are one of those who think we should give some to keep some ...... that is the road no cake at all.

You want my cake? Molon Labe.
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