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So, Twisted99, your argument is that so you will not be confused, we should let the states with the strictest laws set national policy? If not, please clarify.

Similarly, win-lose, you are saying that so you can be comfortable, you not only choose to conduct sales via FFL (with which I have no issue, and which I typically do, myself), but you feel you should support forcing others to do the same? If so, I definitely have issues with that.

Edit: win-lose, if you do not find the incrementalism argument persuasive, please in your own words explain what just happened in New York. You know, that little thing where the earlier, ten-round capacity limit just became a seven-round limit; magazines are only grandfathered for one year; all that.

Also, check out the thread (with links) on Feinstein's AWB bill, and tell me again how you don't find an incrementalism argument compelling.

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