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The Arizona desert is a mean place if you don't respect it and understand it. I carry my 63 for several reasons, just for fun, out by myself, for target and pinking, for protection against snakes if I happen to be too close to back up or run ( I always try and check before stepping over a rock or log), there are also drug dealers and human coyotes ( guides for illegals, they are scum and will kill you in a minute for what ever you possess if they think they can do so with out risk ), in case of distress, for signaling. I let people know where I am going and my expected return time, I also have a GPS app for my phone. When I lived in Yuma I joined several rescue hunts for lost hikers and hunters, they didn't always turn out happy. A small 22 revolver is just part of my planing for things I don't plan on, I don't feel I need a ,45 or .357 , the odds of ever having to use the .22 for protection is remote, so I am happy with what I have. Now there are times I have carried a much larger gun when out and around but that is another story..
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