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How is it even possible to be an officer and not be a gun guy or gun gal? Isn't that the first requirement of the job? Sorry, I find it believable but still astounding.
I recall reading that 70% of police academy applicants had never fired a gun. I don't recall if that was for a particular locale or across the board in the U.S.

Police officers often see guns as a tool of their trade, just like cars, flashlights, handcuffs, clipboards & pens. They aren't generally expert drivers or seriously into cars, they aren't all flashlight junkies, they don't typically mess with handcuffs as a hobby in their off time, and they don't always enjoy firearms either. They learn how to use the tools they are required to use to the level of proficiency that they are required to demonstrate and that's often as far as it goes--whatever the tool in question.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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