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I'm as pro 2A as the next guy. My views on the 2A has recently cost me a few friendships. As stated earlier in this thread, I believe in universal back ground checks. I've now read through 6 pages on the subject in this thread and have not been convinced otherwise.

I don't find the incrementalism argument to be persuasive. I also don't think the prior restraint argument holds up against a "reasonable person" standard.

Please understand, I hate to give these Progressive Anti's anything! But I do believe that criminals and severely mentally ill people should not be able to acquire firearms from legal sellers. Arguing otherwise, plays into the Anti's hands as it allows us to be painted into the "gun nut" narrative unfolding before us.

I do not buy/sell without going through an FFL. At a minimum, it establishes clear custody dates so if a gun is used in a crime, either before or after I own it, I can easily demonstrate it "wasn't me". Lastly, I never want to have to explain why I sold a firearm to a person who later did something terrible with it and I definitely don't want to live with the guilt of it.
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