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Get a Russian Capture, they are the best deal on Lugers, hands down. Look for good, clear markings, unpeened Waffenampts (3 eagles on frame), and as many matching parts as you can, as well as lack of pitting under a re-finish, no rust, decent bores, that kind of thing. 1938-1942 will be the most common years available, with better quality 1938-1941, and you will need to obtain spare parts, such as magazines, firing pins, springs, screws, etc., you can get them from a surplus dealer. Enjoy it, I have 3 Lugers, and shoot one of them regularly, it's a great pistol. For a plinker, expect to spend about $600 at a show or shop, maybe less if you can find a veteran or widow who wants to sell a bringback. Be sure to check it out for rarity before you shoot it, you may get something nice !
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