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I have a chance at a .223 based on a Mauser action that has been cut and crowned to 20 inches of barrel (incl chamber). The last time I shot a .223, it was in a 700V. I learned that it is not my favorite Varmint round past 150-200 m, but would be a great small caliber woods cartridge. This 20 inch barrel has me wondering. I know the ARs have short barrels, but they use some gas for cycling, right? Has anyone shot a .223 out of a 20 in barrel on an action that stays locked up 'til the pressure wave has gone out the muzzle, without a ball of fire from 5 grains of unburnt powder ... . I used W748 and H335 in the 700V.

I post this here instead of Art of the Rifle Forum, because I specifically want a reloader's answer. I still have all the reloading paraphernalia from my 700V days, so I'm interested in successful powders for this shorter barrel. I'll be shooting Remington bulk 55 gr RNSP for practice and Nosler 55 gr BTs for hunting and target. I believe the twist rate is 1-in-9. I'm not trying for vapor trails. I'd like a decent 2600-2800 fps load.
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