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Destroying? Explain.
I was mistaken- $150 bucks would have been destroyed as well as the 25-06!

If I have a 25-06, spend 700 bucks to change it into a short barreled .257 WBY, instead of picking up the used .257WBY Vanguard that I just saw at Cabela's in LaVista yesterday ..... lets do the financial Algebra on that:

1ea (25-06) x TtG +$700 = 1ea (.257WBY), TtG= taking to gunsmith and having the work done.


1ea (25-06) x GtC +$550= 1ea (25-06)+ 1ea (.257WBY) + $150, GtC= Go to Cabela's and pick that up!

Compare the two plans and you have either 1 rifle OR 2 rifles and $150 bucks. Make the first choice and you have less ...... Where did the 25-06 and the cash go? They don't exist, for you. You wasted them. You may as well have set them on fire. They are gone.

The math will not lie.
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