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At gun show today, small town local show, there were not less than 300 people in line out in the rain, between 9AM and Noon, waiting to get in. The hall held about 400 folks, so I'll bet 1,000 people came and went in the first 3 or 4 hours. There were no deals to be had, a seller's market. The gougers were being left sitting with their goods, but the others were doing well. I don't expect much deal-making on Sunday, they'll just wait for the next show. Demand is tremendously high. Stocks were low, if you wanted an SKS, there were about 5 to choose from, high-cap mags were not plentiful, and surplus ammo was pitiful. AR types were $2000-$2600, a few of them were moving, but not quickly.

I snagged some Garand clips, a Remington Model 700 in left hand action, and several collectible ammo boxes. Milsurps were just a few. Two women bought the only two M1 Carbines in the place, good for them.
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