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Where did I "proclaim a problem"??

Mark my words... later this year, you're going to be hearing about companies like this, taking the money- and running...
Your title also gives the indication that you are making a query, and then you state how there will be problems, but you won't name names because no such problem actually exists, but you have stated it will exist, and you have used a gun company as an example.

Of course, you may be making a warning of virtually useless value. "Look out, some companies may take money from someone and not deliver."

Well, gosh, yes they will, somewhere and sometime, but you what you are offering as evidence has no value. It also fails to note long standing businesses that may do the same thing, which will undoubtedly happen to somebody sometime and somewhere whether by pre-order or not.

The crux of your claim comes down to saying not to pre-order and pre-pay from new companies because there is no basis for which to trust that they will deliver, but you offer no evidence of this actually occurring in the firearms framework about which you are warning us.
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