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Does anyone here have a clue about when LE started carrying repeating rifles/carbines?

I know the topic of this thread is about AR-15's, but when I was a kid back in the late 70's and into the 80's before entering LE, I remember alot of guys carrying various repeating type rifles...From bolt action, lever action, to a few semi-auto's, of various vintage and style....I would say that until the last 10 or so years there was really no "standard" (meaning no one rifle/carbine that was totally popular accross the board)

The idea of LE carrying a rifle/carbine in their vehicle or on their "horse" goes back to the late 1800's probably in some form or fashion. At least I remember when I was a kid, tons of retired law enforcement talked of having a lever action, which at the time, would equate to the AR-15 now in popularity probably. I guess someone should have warned them about the "militarization of law enforcement" since they had rifles/carbines.
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