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I still think you have the expander set wrong.
You say you can [feel it pass on the way up and down].
You should not be able to feel an expander enter into the case neck, and when retracting the case out of the die you should actually feel the case come free of the die and then feel the resistance of the expander and unless you have lubricated the inside of the case neck, you should hear that,...well similar to hard chalk on a slate board.
Everything in the RCBS and Lyman resize die instructions are straight forward, with RCBS de-cap pin protruding 3/16 beyond die and Lyman 1/8" but what you are finding seems to me that you are expanding while case is still to far up into die.
Why don't you take the decap/expander stem right out and run a once fired case through the die measuring before and after?
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