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I own one Redhawk (1985) and one GP-100 (2010 or 2011) and I love BOTH of them, but prefer the double action of my K and L-frame S&W's, of which I own more.

The double action on my .44 Mag Redhawk is...interesting. It's got a nice, smooth, predictable DA pull, but requires a stiff tug to break. It seemed a bit odd to me, almost as if it was a bit abnormal or needed work. That is, until I tried a similar vintage .44 Redhawk owned by a friend, and his double action feels almost EXACTLY the same. When I'm used to it, I do fine with it.

The single action is also quite a tug, more than I'd expect from a DA revolver. But then...I grew up on K & L frames and all other double action revolvers feel different/abnormal/not quite as good.
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