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I carry a S&W Model 63, had it many a year. I prefer a .22 revolver for several reasons, it really doesn't matter which one you chose ( however a small compact revolver such as a J Frame makes it easier to carry ) With a .22 revolver you can carry different loads for different purposes. When trekking here in the south west I carry the first two cylinders with CCI snake shot, just in case I meet up with a big rattler that doesn't know enough to remove himself. I also carry a box of CB Caps just for pinking when at rest with out a lot of noise. Lot of fun chasing lizards back into their hiding place. Now my 63 only has 6 holes in the chamber, but so what, it doesn't bother me to reload after 6 shots. To honest and no bragg, in a serious situation, I don't plan on missing six times , My little 63 is very accurate. Just my HO based on experience. Now I'm sure someone will chime in with the fact that CCI snake shot isn't effective beyond 6 to 8 feet, Thats OK too, why would I want to shoot a snake that is more than 5 to 6 feet away, they have a right to get along in this world also.
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