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I get the spirit of this, but damn it, my gun is locked up. My doors are locked as are my windows and my ADT alarm system is engaged. I feel much more able to defend my wife and myself with my gun within relatively easy reach. Putting it in a safe back in my closet with any kind of lock on it defeats the sole purpose of my owning the gun in the first place.

If someone takes extraordinary measures to get into my home and steals my TV and my gun, I will feel no responsibility whatsoever for any subsequent ill-advised usage of my stolen property, including robbing a liquor store or watching Survivor.
I don't think your point is unreasonable. Good locks AND a security system. I would just like to see added measures for extended periods away from the home.
If you have people left at home that are not gun savvy, I think further measures are warranted. I'm not singling you out, just making an extended point.
I have no problem with people having 1 or 20 guns out loaded if they're home.
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