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I've been lurking and reading for several weeks since buying my first hand gun, a Ruger SR40. I've been to the range once since then, and have not been back due to not being able to find ammo. I have 100 rnds I bought after the first trip but cannot find any now and don't want to run out. But that's not my question.

I am right handed/left eye dominant(I cannot close my left eye and keep right open) and don't want to start any bad habits before falling prey to them. I have to shoot a rifle left handed, its impossible to hit anything from the right. Shotguns are OK, but miss more than I should and am contemplating shooting lefty all summer to make hunting easier. The hand gun, which is better to do, shoot lefty or move the weapon to the left while shooting right handed?

I did both while at the range, I only shot 100 rnds, but moving the gun over to the left seemed to be the easiest for me and keeps everything in the strong hand. I can shoot lefty no prob, but its the manipulation of the gun that is very clumsy. At the range, moving everything left, I did fairly well, for never having shot a handgun before. Low and left for the most part. Any suggestions for helping with that. I was shooting from probably 20' or so, and for the most part stayed in the black.

2nd question:
I want to get my wife to start shooting with me too, so she is comfortable having the gun around too. She doesn't mind them being around, but if she has to use it I want her to be able to. She has an eye problem that blocks her vision(black spot) directly in front of her. She has up/down and periphial vision but nothing in front. Any suggestions on helping her learn to shoot. I don't know if she would do a one on one lesson with someone, but I may have to work on her for that.

Thanks for the help on this and all the other questions yall have answered during my lurking.
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