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By my reading of it, the 10th Amendment is the problem. It would require a constitutional amendment.
I wasn't referring to the legal side, just a common sense view.

The age to purchase tobacco is not federally mandated and is not 18 in all places.
I should have said AT LEAST 18.

Neither is the drinking age, the drinking age was strong armed by the feds in the 80's by threat of withholding funds from states that do not set the age at 21.
I was not trying to argue HOW the drinking age law came to be, just that it is THE SAME in all states.

The problem? See everything above in the thread.
There is more than one POV in this thread, so you mean I should just see ONE side in the "above in this thread"

Interstate transfers with limited exceptions already require an FFL and as such a background check. Furthermore, they(the feds) already fail to prosecute many firearms offenses, it would not make it any easier as they choose not to already.
I agree that not near enough is being done to prosecute illegal (interstate or otherwise) firearm transfers, but the point, which you missed , of my post was not about the good or bad of each things I noted but the general understanding of those laws as being "universal" in the US
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