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For the M1 CArbine,

all USGI manufacturers were reliable.
Can't say on the Auto-Ordance, the early Plainfields were a decent copy, the later one were so-so.
Early Universal were good, again the later weren't.

Looking under the rear sight, with a strong light to determine the US manufacturer: WIN., Saginaw, Rock-ola, Postal Meter, Inland, can't recall the last two.

Do a COMPLETE detailing and lubing of all parts (ESPECIALLY the bolt, for the ejector and spring to be CLEAN and lube)
Need to get a "bolt tool" to help tale it apart.
Replace the magazine catch, to the type that has a small projection of the left-side (facing forward), this supports all magazine. [ Specifically, it for use with the weight of 30 rounders.]

Lightly polish the feed-ramp to allow better feeding of "soft-nose" ammo.

When firing at range adjust the tightness of the barrel band screw to see if group size changes for the good.

Enjoy and tell us how you did.
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