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And what if they did not dispose of your transaction info, and next year Massachusetts passes a capacity ban with no grandfathering, and uses the info they were not supposed to keep in an attempt to confiscate some of your guns or magazines, Dragline45?

Will you care then?

Honestly, I am sick of idiots who say, "Well, I have nothing to hide... maybe you do."

FYI, I am a retired Navy officer. I held a TS/SCI, and in my current civilian gig I still hold a TS. I have had firearms training from instructors ranging from Drill Instructors to 18B to Combat Controllers on the military side, and from Mas Ayoob on my own time. I get periodic SSBI investigations.

I do not have anything to hide. (BTW, unlike some of you - Dragline, manta, Alabama, Apom, etc - I use my name as a screen name here. M Leake. Who is hiding things, again?)

I have seen what happened in the UK, Australia, and Canada; I have followed the quotes and legislative gestures of major gun control advocates in the US; and I think Dragline45, AlabamaShooter, et al are either extremely naive or else in denial as to the potential threat.
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