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If it were me, I'd just go ahead and get the 38 snub. A similar 22lr revolver would be fun and it would be a useful training aid. The way I see it, why go to the expense, though? Of course, if money is no concern, just get both and you're all set.
Again, be careful just figuring the cost of the gun.

Assuming you indeed wish to shoot the thing - hypothetical costs:

38 snub .... $1000
1000 rounds ammo ... $600
TOTAL ~ $1600


38 snub ..... $1000
50 rounds 38 ammo ...$30
22 revolver .. $500
1000 rounds 22 ammo ... $50
TOTAL ~ $1600 (perhaps a little less!)

Huge difference in cost of ammo. To get proficient, you'll want to put a lot of rounds downrange. Doing that with a 38/357 will very quickly exceed the cost of a 22.

Everything else you need for one pistol will not cost any more for two (cleaning stuff, targets, etc).

Obviously I'm guessing at costs above because at the time of this post, none of the above items, guns OR ammo, are actually available and nobody knows what costs will be like once it all relaxes.

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