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We think it is a .38 3rd Model Frontier. Breaks open on top. Trigger guard is squared on one end. Serial number is 255405
Does it have an exposed hammer or is the hammer concealed? If it's a concealed hammer it will also have a grip safety.
The serial number has a "C" stamped above it. The serial number is "189xx". In the ejector relief of the frame it is stamped "7s151
See pic for serial number location:

22 caliber, 7 shot fluted cylinder, double action with a 6" barrel. It is Nickel plated. The cylinder opens out to the side.
SN: 19(or 0)416.
It's a 22 Ladysmith.
Serial numbers for the 2nd model ran from 4576 in 1906 to 13950 in 1910.
Serial numbers for the 3rd model ran from 13951 in 1911 to 26154 in 1921.
Can't help you on the Iver Johnson

serial number S 88xxx
It's a 38/44 Heavy Duty model made in 1952.

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