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Yes you guys make some very valid points..I have never been deployed nor been to war..So you will have more experience than i do with these type of situations..One thing i have alot of experience in is hiking/hunting and traveling through the amazon jungle in South America..I guess i have had alot of bad luck with cloth nylon soft cases and back packs..They for some reason dont last very long due to the wet muddy and damp elements out there..A few have fallen over in the amazon river and of course i had to take everything out to dry it out and even throw away some contents that were inside..When the french expedition team came down there they were all packing pelican cases and they said they would not have chosen nothing else due to the fact what the pelican case can withstand especially when rafting through rough waters..

As for choice in caliber.. I Also get that question alot..The reason is ..i usually go hunting up north on my lease ..we also do some camping up there as lease has been known to have mountain lions and black bear,..I know for a fact the 50 beowulf can kill almost anything on planet earth..And i dont feel under gunned when walking the trails in the middle of no where..I usually load her up with some 350gr brass spitzer rounds.I can carry around 130 rounds total with fully loaded mags and extra ammo in the case..Weight can be a little bothersome though .The kit was made to easily transport my sbr from my home to the lease or for traveling to the shooting ranges..but im hoping i will never have to use it as a survival kit..In this case i will have to add a small pistol and some more medical supplies plus a few other things i might have to cram inside
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