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The new "rip-off" scam??

Perusing the web, came across a brandy-new "manufacturer" of AR lowers...

Not going to mention names, but essentially their deal was "pre-order, now"...and we intend to deliver on or before June 1st of this year.

And, by the way, we're going to charge your card, NOW....

Mark my words... later this year, you're going to be hearing about companies like this, taking the money- and running...

And, good luck with your credit card company refunding your money. Six months is waaayyy past any time frame where you can contest charges.

I've seen a couple of them, one brought to my attention by a poster somewhere on this forum, that he and his buds had just ordered a bunch of lowers from a brand new company that just sprang up to take advantage of the "situation".

Don't get me wrong- I really do hope those guys get what they pre-paid for months from now. But, they're located in my state, and I looked in public records, and there's no record of a corp or llc, or DBA under that name...HMMM....

Me, I'll stick with a known, reputable retailer that won't charge me until it ships. Now, rightfully so, these guys are charging order cancellation fees if you cancel.

Do yourselves a favor- stick with the reputable companies that were around BEFORE this debacle...or you'll have no right to moan when you've got no product- and they've long run with your hard-earned dough.
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