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Couple years ago we went to visit my Mother In Law. Said she wanted me to clean out the hogs and armadillos on her little farm.

No problem (except there weren't any fresh sign) ANYWAY, she said she had a gun and wanted to know if it was good for hogs. Then she hand me this little Beretta BearCat 25 auto..... locked and cocked, and the safety was off.

I asked her if it was loaded, she said she didn't know, hadn't fooled with it in 20 years, didn't know how to load or unload it.

Sure enough it was loaded w/round in the chamber, and again, the safety was off.

My wife got kind of mad, told her mother she couldn't have the gun back, not to mention it wouldn't hurt a hog IF she could hit it. So wife took the gun, (or had me take it) and from one of her nephews got Mother in Law a single barred 410 shot gun, and showed her how to use it.

I took the Bearcat out to see if it worked, it did, but ever piece of brass that came out of the gun smacked me right in the forehead. (Fixed that by changing ammo).
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