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I shoot both single action and double action....and while I may favor one platform over the other in certain calibers.../ I think it comes down to what everyone wants to carry and shoot....and if you practice, you can shoot both pretty well.

But in general, I'm more accurate - in .357 mag or .44 a single action weapon ( and I'm reasonably quick / at least until it comes to reloads on the single action revolvers...)...and when I shoot guns of the same overall length ( like a 4" S&W model 27 or 29 in double action vs a Freedom Arms, large frame, 4 3/4" barrel in either .357 mag or .44 mag )....I'm way more accurate with the single action/ and only about 1/2 a second slower with the single action out of a holster with a double tap on target vs the other gun in DA.

But it comes down to what you like.../ and weight / and how you want to carry it...

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