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So, because rights can be restricted, gun owners should go looking for more ways to restrict our rights even further? No, thank you. Just because rights can be restricted does not make it a good idea.

And what, exactly, are you trying to make "practically happen?" Further restriction of my rights? That doesn't seem practical to me.
I don't see any "restriction" by showing you are not prohibited. There is absolutely nothing to keep you from keeping and bearing arms if you are not a prohibited person.

Granted, I might not know if a fishing buddy got popped for a felony DUI. The point that you have largely ignored is that universal background checks shift the burden to the citizen to demonstrate that he or she is eligible to have a 2A right.
When buying one yes. I have no problem with that.

It's not about special privilege for the cop. I'm not arguing that there should be. It's about the fact that I know he's not a prohibited person. It's about the fact that there's no reason for the federal government to meddle in my disposal of my private property any more than it already does. The argument that "the government already meddles in it, so it doesn't matter" is hogwash. Just because it already meddles does not mean that I should invite more meddling.
The gun shop "knows" he is not prohibited either. I don't understand this argument that you "knowing" he is not a prohibited person should make a sale ok without checking first? If it is not special privilege than what is it?

I do understand that you don't want people meddling into how you sell your guns. That is a fair argument. I don't want to people to sell guns to criminals and other prohibited unintentionally. I understand that some people will be willing to break the law and do it anyway but most people are law abiding and won't. I believe the inconvenience to us will be minimal, possibly even beneficial in other ways.

If we lived in a town with a communal well and everyone brought their own bucket to the well I would want you to clean your bucket before you drew water. This is inconveniences you I know but it is better for everyone in the long run. Can you still get water? Why yes, you can still get water.

It may be $0 for you, or for many others. If you think it's free, though, I've got some bad news for you. The NICS system is a federal system, paid for by tax dollars. If you increase the number of NICS checks that have to be made, you'll have to increase employees, and that increases expense. There's no such thing as a free lunch. If the gov't mandates that it be free, it'll just reallocate the costs to taxes.
That may be possible. But if your argument is that we will pay $.25 a year per person more in taxes I can live with it. I am not really going way off into the bottomless tangent of fiscal policy and taxes. Suffice it to say we could build one less fighter jet and fund NICS for another 50 years.

I also question whether your "not a restriction limit" is at $5, or some percentage of that new AR that you seem to think I can afford.
I am not mandating a high cost so I don't know why you keep bothering. Free or very low cost is much more reasonable. Free really makes the most sense since a lot of gun owners oppose the measure. No sense in making them pay extra for it if they don't want it.

On top of all that, I have serious doubts as to whether universal checks will have any effect on crime in the absence of full firearm registration. If universal checks go through, I give it 3-5 years before more calls for full registration are heard.
Why are you waiting 3-5 years? Turn on the TV and you can hear the calls right now. The only point of a check is to place another barrier for criminals to an easy gun supply. If people mostly comply with the law then that is one less way for prohibited people to get guns. Non-prohibited people will still be able to get them. It will be less convenient though.
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