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Does this sound like a good place to start.
Not if you've never handloaded before. There's just too much going on all at once for someone who's never done it before, to be keeping track of. You need to get up to speed on the process.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
Honestly, look into the Lee Classic Turret. I got one last month, and like it quite a lot.

Here's why I recommend it: you can remove the index rod, and operate it essentially as a single stage press, which is how a beginner ought to be working.

Once you've got everything adjusted, everything works, and you're familiar with the process, you can reinstall the index rod. Operating as an automatically advancing turret press, you'll be reloading faster than you might expect, but with complete control of the process.

$200 (more or less, I'll check pricing) plus a die set will get you into the basic setup. After that, buy more turrets and die sets.

---edit to add---

Lee Classic Turret Press Kit, $235.

Get that, get a manual (or two or three), get a die set, get your consumables.

I have purchased the following books:

ABC's of Reloading
Lyman's 49th Reloading Handbook
Hornady's 8th Reloading Handbook
Reloading for Handgunners

Are there any additional book recommendation?
I like Lyman's manual. I started with Lyman's 47th. They also put out a manual specific to handgun cartridges.

Other thoughts: don't bother with a case trimmer. Handgun cases don't stretch appreciably.

You will want a caliper. You will need to be paying attention to seating depth, OAL and crimp. It doesn't need to be digital. A dial caliper is fine. Lyman's has served me well for 15 years.
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