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I'm okay with universal checks, I live in Illinois and the FOID card doesn't suck that bad.

Yep, you all read that right, all along nate45 has lived in Illinois. I have an Arizona and Pennsylvania CCW permit, but can't carry here in my home state, yet. I carry unloaded in the case, with ammo close by.

The reason I came out of the closet, is because I want to help Texans(where I was born and raised) and others understand that FOID isn't that bad. Sure I believe it shouldn't exist, but its not commie-ville like a lot pretend.
It is that bad. A recent audit of the FOID program.

Some highlights: Roughly 30% of the applications were not approved/denied in the 30 days mandated by law. Roughly 70% of revoked FOIDs were not turned in to the ISP. Roughly 85% of the calls to the FOID office during the last quarter of 2010 were not answered. As well as multiple procedural and policy issues, such as failures and inadequacies in the reporting. Seems like a great example of programs like that or universal background checks being a good idea...

In actuality it highlights a number of the issues that need to be ironed out with current systems before any further laws are passed in the name of "public safety".
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