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I have a Winchester 94 that was my Grandpa's. You betcher tail end I have spare parts for it. Once upon a time we all thought the old '94 was gonna be around forever.
Look at what happened.

I have a very fine little Winchester 9422 that I'd like to keep going for the rest of my life.
Looky what happened on that one.

I have a new CZ .22 full-stocked boltgun that I'm extremely fond of. Can't duplicate those exact features anywhere else. CZ offers full spare parts sales to anybody. They will be getting parts orders from me.
I have a Ruger International .30-06 that I'd like to keep going. Already discontinued, Ruger will service it for a few more years, but they don't sell parts to the public & they don't make that trigger anymore.

Have a couple classic old Colt DA revolvers.
Colt's running out of parts on those old actions & won't sell what they have.
Yep- I've got my own spares.

At least half a dozen pre-MIM Smith DA revolvers. S&W is not providing complete service on those older guns (which really aren't all that old).
Again- I've chased down my own spares.

And so on.
Top names or not, if you have a favorite or two that you really want to keep running for the rest of your life, it would not hurt to get some key spare parts.
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