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What about my vz58?

Ok, I'm almost apoplectic for a number of reasons, but the one that mostly gets my goat is the list of exceptions for retired law enforcement personnel. Nothing against them and their previous career, but nothing says "creating a cool club" like the gov't making exceptions for the people in the gov't. If you need a large capacity ammunition feeding device to be in SWAT, fine. But why do should you have the "right" to own a 30 round magazine once you become joe golf-a-lot in Orlando?

Nothing says the opposite of "of the people for, by the people and for the people' louder than "we have stuff you don't, b/c we're in the gov't."

Isn't this why many developing nations have problems with corruption in government, b/c being IN the government allows access to money and power (weapons) that NOT being in the government does not and corruption follows those official positions b/c that's where opportunity lies?
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