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What I look at:
This idea is put in a marketing wrapper,to give it emotional appeal.Words like "common sense","reasonable",etc are attached to it,the implication being those in opposition lack common sense ,or are unreasonable.

What is not brought to the open and discussed,How will it be implemented?

Ever heard"The devil is in the details"

How about"If its not written down,or if you cannot verify,measure,etc,iit not valid?

You see,the only mechanism I can think of to enforce compliance of "No uncontrolled sales,background check,etc"

The Federal Government would require an inventory off every firearm you own.Via audit,if you have any firearm not on the inventory,or,if you cannot produce a firearm that is on the inventory,you are now a criminal.

Before you blow this off,you tell me,by what other method could the government effectively control face to face sales?Your plan must be enforcable.

My Sheriff is one of those who will refuse to enforce,and in his open letter to the public and lawmakers,he came to the same conclusion.

This is,by the way,reasonably close to provisions in the treaty the UN would like for us to sign.

An aside,in Colorado,for years now,at gunshows,every sale must go through an ffl transfer.A table is set up,you fill out the 4473,they phone it in,you pass NICS or you don't.The parking lots are patrolled,no private sales are permitted.There is no gunshow loophole at Coloraado gunshows,period.
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