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Anyway...back to the Norinco question.

They're not what I would call "nice" pistols or pretty pistols. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I think they look better than a lot of these overdone customs that seem to be an exercise in seeing how far the creator can remove them from resembling a 1911. I'm a purist, though. I like the looks of the Yankee Fist in all its Spartan glory.

For the most part, they're functional and reliable and really don't need to have their small parts replaced unless there's a defined problem...which there seldom is. A little stoning here and there in the right long as the tweaker understands what to stone and how...isn't a bad idea.

There are no cast or MIM parts in a Norinco, assuming that the gun is stock.
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