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I get the spirit of this, but damn it, my gun is locked up. My doors are locked as are my windows and my ADT alarm system is engaged. I feel much more able to defend my wife and myself with my gun within relatively easy reach. Putting it in a safe back in my closet with any kind of lock on it defeats the sole purpose of my owning the gun in the first place.
Lots of good, reasonable thoughts on this thread. The paragraph above is closest to my own philosophy. In addition, none of my HD guns are "out" in obvious places where they would be easy to pick up, someone would really have to be looking hard for them to find them. As several have said, it used to be common to leave guns and ammo on full display in an easily defeated display case or just standing behind the door. I think there's a limit to the accommodations we have to make for the criminals and crazies in the world.
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